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ColiveHC is connecting laboratory professionals with the best online learning platform to help them reach their accreditation goals and develop their careers. Through LabVine, our clients and partners utilize the assessments and courses available to develop the skills needed to improve quality, efficiency and growth in their laboratories.


Laboratories operating in healthcare today need a new leadership approach to deal with the constant change and greater demands. It is imperative to know the skills and knowledge your laboratory requires and know what the current level of those skills and knowledge are. The Laboratory Assessments will help you as a lab manager assess the needs of your lab.

The assessment results will direct you towards development opportunities and you can find various resources on LabVine designed to address the operational gaps and improve efficiency and leadership. Some of the flagship programs are highlighted below.


This is a 10-week laboratory management course providing you with knowledge and practical skills needed to become a Laboratory Manager. This course empowers staff with a technical background to transition into a leadership position.

Some topics covered in the course include:

  • Managing Operations and Processes
  • Managing Teams
  • Leadership and Change Management
  • Managing Finances
  • Managing Quality

POWER OF PROCESS CHAMPION – BLENDED (A Lab Performance Improvement Course)

An online learning program that consists of 25 hours of e-learning and 5 hours facilitated learning, delivered over five weeks. The main goal of this course is to understand the laboratory process and be able to identify performance problems and come up with complex solutions.

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