Healthcare Industry FAQs

What are quality performance indicators in healthcare?

These are leading and lagging indicators which help health systems determine the quality of their healthcare delivery.

How is Healthcare Performance Measured?

Healthcare is measured using KPIs tied to a health system’s overall COST, QUALITY, SERVICE and OUTCOMES.

What is Dynamic Healthcare Technology?

Dynamic healthcare technology refers to constantly evolving and improving technology solutions. Examples might include cloud hosted data storage and machine learning/AI tools.

How is Dynamic Healthcare Technology Used to Improve Healthcare?

Dynamic technology applies consistent business logic to harvest key data from dispersant electronic health systems, synthesize the data and provide it to key stakeholders in an intelligent and actionable “dashboard”. From there, end users are able to use data to drive business decisions.

How can a Healthcare Partnership improve Healthcare Performance?

Healthcare performance will improve it’s OUTCOMES, COST, QUALITY and SERVICE

What is the Healthcare Revenue Cycle and how can it be Improved Upon with ColiveHC?

Healthcare Rev Cycle speaks to the processes around health systems generating bills for services, adjudicating claims to health plans (insurance companies), working any problems with reimbursement and tracing the accounts receivable.

How do healthcare staffing agencies work?

Partners will retain our services to recruit and place top healthcare talent. We work on a % of net annual salary of the candidate and guarantee our fees against client satisfaction. We have a network and connections which most HR and recutting firms do not which help us to locate and attract top-tier talent fast.

Why is Healthcare Staffing Important to Healthcare Performance?

Healthcare workers are constantly changing. Most positions in healthcare are highly sought after, well compensated and dynamic (ever changing). Having a network of qualified and quality candidates at your fingertips helps keep key positions filled.

Do hospitals use staffing agencies?


Is Healthcare a growing industry?


How can a Healthcare partnership help improve Operational Excellence?

Healthcare partnerships like ColiveHC provide tailor solutions to healthcare organizations through industry expertise and technology solutions. All at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

What are the Future Trends in Healthcare?

Healthcare organizations are going to continue to be plagued by revenue shortfalls, declining reimbursement, a push for large mergers and strategic acquisitions and the need for telemedicine advancements.

How can Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare Billing Machine Learning improve you billing efficiency?

Both are used to evaluate massive amounts of patient data to match up key demographics which help healthcare organizations bill faster and bill with far less errors.

What are some examples of artificial intelligence in healthcare?

Some examples of artificial intelligence in healthcare are Google, Pathai, Buoy Health, Enlitic, Freenome, and FrontRunnerHC.

Why is Revenue Cycle Management Important in Healthcare?

Revenue cycle is the process by which health systems bill and collect for services provided.

What Problems can be solved with improving Healthcare Technology?

Healthcare technology is changing how patients access healthcare and how physicians treat their patients.

How do Healthcare Businesses measure Performance?

Healthcare is measured using KPIs tied to a health system’s overall COST, QUALITY, SERVICE and OUTCOMES.

What is Operational Throughput in the Healthcare Industry?

Operational Throughput in healthcare is the measurement of healthcare delivery processes as it/they are delivered/provided.

How can Operational Throughput be Increased with a Healthcare Partnership?

Healthcare partnerships like CoLive HC provide tailored solutions to healthcare organizations through industry expertise and technology solutions.

What are diagnostic services in healthcare?

Services lines that are used to help providers diagnose Radiology services, Laboratory services and the like.